Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yeah Local Farmer's Market begins!

Tuesday mornings have a new rhythm, well kind of like an old rhythm....Farmer's Market perusing, some buying but lots more to see than we buy, so enjoy seeing all the booths, this being the first, the vendor count was a bit low, and it is early in the harvesting of crops, but it was nice to see sooo many selling plants, and starts, lots of herbs, some berry bushes and a fig tree, we got there a bit late for our usual schedule, this son of mine has a new routine of making me chase him for close to an hour to get him dressed, and out the door.....quite tiring and with my mood of late, involves lots of me screaming at him, not my idea of fun!
He talked to a few vendors and told me to take his photo and how to set up the shot near the strawberry booth, so funny a little director!
I am looking forward to figuring out what plants I can get so next week we will come home and plant them! Gotta get the raised beds in, if this rain ever stops....7 days in a row of thunder storms with significant rain, not all day but still odd weather for us!
We are also going to get some beeswax next week from the local honey seller, going to make some orange oil furniture gel stuff, mine is almost gone!

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Michelle said...

Yay Farmers' Market!!!! Ours just started too, so now it really feels like summer is coming :-)

Sorry about the rain...we must have sent it your way (just finished 6 days straight).

I am very jealous of the fig tree; something you just can't find around here.

Good luck dressing the little man...I have one of those too ;-)