Monday, June 15, 2009

3 farmer's markets in one week!!!

I went to our local fabulous south lake tahoe, california tuesday installment (on hwy 50), then the following day went to the carson city, nevada pony express pavillion offering at mills park (on hwy 50) and then sunday had me pushing the family to placerville, california for the founders day celebration and wagon train arrival/parade and we made it and parked and were able to attend the placerville downtown weekly offering saturday morning (on main street that backs up to hwy 50)......what a great week for me! I got some great eggs at two of the markets and peaches at all 3, I have to say the corn from carson city was not great, and the onions from south lake were super HOT......The fabulous vegetables have been great in everything and we are eating a tomato or two a day, they are just the best, how they make the horrid grocery store tomatoes seem like a whole different item, like comparing a cup of coffee to water, the flavors and scents are that different!


Michelle said...

We're FINALLY into Farmer's Market season here too, but no tomatoes or corn for a couple of months yet. That's when it really feels like summer:-)

How wonderful for your little boy (and you ;-)to be exposed to all of this fresh, local bounty

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh wow, that sounds fabulous! I wish I could get to farmers markets but I never seem to


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Hey there! you won one of the cell phone charms from my giveaway...You need to email me so I can get your address!