Thursday, June 11, 2009

trying to cook myself out of this bad mood

blame the moon or the weather, I am just in a bad mood for going on over a week, my poor family is hiding.... I can suddenly snap and start emitting dragon like fumes and just feel like I am going to explode over small trifles......of course does not help to have hormones that seem to pour kerosene on my today I baked these items, made fab food from the farmer's markets into meals.....yes i mucked up a bit and burnt some oatmeal and toasting nuts enough to make the house stink! I hate throwing away food, but the burnt nuts were never going to enhance the i made the bread without the nuts, plenty crunchy as is!!!!!!

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Michelle said...

HI there! I hope things get sunny for you again soon!

Happy belated Iced Tea Day :-)