Tuesday, June 9, 2009

tears like a river

This weeks It all Begins with a color challenge • Contrast •
These pink blossoms are a local wild growing bloom, so delicate and romantic, contrasts with this rock and stone man made waterfall......the rocks are hard and stand the test of time, letting the water flow over them and keeping shape, yet the bleeding hearts easily dislodge from the stems with a brisk wind......
Both water and rocks are dense and heavy, yet the bleeding heart is almost weightless and transparent.
Those of us that are easy cries, are sometimes called bleeding hearts, and we cry tears like a waterfall....somehow the crying is a release that can relax the emotional pain, and i always find the sound of water soothing.....it is like mother nature knows if we sit still long enough to listen and hear the trickling flow we might relax enough and be open to hearing some healing....much like the act of crying is a transition.
I love waterfalls and bleeding hearts! The above is my idea of contrast, the challenge this week for a group on flickr that i joined, the group is anchored from this website: apples for poppy anne

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