Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am crabby and craving crab

I came home from the bay area, with the slightest bit of sore throat, I thought from reading aloud to the family the whole book, FARM CITY.....but in reality it was the beginning of some cold.
UGH I hate being sick, and am a horrid patient......hint number two that I was sick should have been my taking a nap with the munchkin, usually I use that time to get work done.......I went to work on Wednesday with sniffles and came home early with the desire to lay and sleep, anywhere, bed was not neccessary....just the I am just hungry, crabby and from overhearing the show deadliest catch in my on and off sleep last night, I want CRAB, fresh and now, I still have a headache, never had a fever but did get HOT then cold, for no apparent reason, kind of just been out of it.....I worried that the munchkin was sick....especially when he threw up all over me and the walls and bathroom at work......but he seems full of energy and shows no signs of illness.......granted every time he coughs I go running with a towel......I am getting dizzy again, I better go lay back down to dream of crabs and crab pizza and crab cakes and crab salad......

Sunday, July 19, 2009

one saturday in july

What a glorious saturday we had, canoeing at kiva beach on the shores of lake tahoe with our free within 4 miles from home commute, just easy parking, early enough to literally park right next to the trail to the shore......yes we got a bit sunburned and tired but it makes the living in a tourist resort seem understandable, there is a reason tons of people flock here for their vacations, there is a reason most summers we are at fallen leaf lake mid week after work, to avoid the crowds and still appreciate all the natural beauty we live in the midst of
then driving home after the birthday bar b que for hubby's birthday we were blessed with the most incredible sunset, raspberry and blue and just magical.....the magic and beauty are there all the time you just have to look for it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I awoke friday morning by noises, sure it was a bear, never saw it but knew it was here......I am overwhelmed with a sense of happiness, lucky to live in an area so rife with natural wonder and beauty as well as man made history and innovations. I am so blessed by our family situation to see my son experience new milestones up close and be home most of the time with him and living our little simple life, laundry, dishes, home cooked food, mending and stretching what we have, trying not to be influenced by the trends of the is the little things I notice most, the askew bird feeder, that has been empty for weeks, but put back on the stand since we had company, to make it look nice. This friday morning the bear had looked at that bird feeder for sustenance, but I KNEW it looked askew............later in the day a neighbor confirmed it, they had seen the bear in our yard...took photos even, but in the dark of the early morning no visible evidence........I am grateful that we spent the day together today, just the 3 of us, running errands to the hardware store, playing in the yard......watching a glorious sunset together and hearing our 3 year old tell us about things he has gleaned from his overhearing us talk or answering his questions, one small example was this morning when I was hanging the sheets on the line to dry, he was playing underfoot and picked up 4 sticks then told me he was building a see-saw car so it could be taken apart when he moved it and when i glanced at the piles of sticks.....he had two in each direction rolling along like axles supporting the top 2.....something in me just pounds harder when he exhibits this "natural" learning...not from our direct instruction but maybe just from our providing the environment for him to experiment.......