Friday, February 27, 2009

bear attack!!!

We had a bear invade the house tonight eating all the pie and ice cream he could find!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

human cub tracks

human cub tracks, originally uploaded by glitzypursegirl.

why does it seem so hard to keep my sanity with this almost 3 year old....he has slept a total of 5 hours in the past 24 hours, I just got him to nap finally at 11am........i am on edge screaming when he jambs the cabinet or wreaks havoc on any sense of order this house I yelled at him NO in a very mean tone, he is tired he sets off crying tears and sobs, then when I cleaned up his mess, well part of it, I look over and he is cuddling a towel, a towel he got out of the linen closet just then and he announces to me that this is his new mommy, the towel mommy he cuddles it and sets me into tears, why is this so hard?

Friday, February 20, 2009

gardening season

gardening season, originally uploaded by glitzypursegirl.

My first attempt in ummmm 12 years or so to grow anything, I planted meyer lemon seeds from some fabulous home grown lemons given to me over the holidays........alongside some mint seeds, yes mint and in the lapse of time nothing not one sprig of green......I am a black thumb, but thankfully my son is sprouting up, taller everyday it seems......and cuter too!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

cinnamon rolls!

I cannot figure out why I only make them once a year, they are easy and we love them! last january I made the brioche sticky buns from the bobby flay throwdown recipe here: (suffice to say they cost more in ingredients than i could have bought them for!) but they were very very good, if not a little sweet and rich this year I did simple, cinnamon rolls just shaped like hearts for valentine's day cheap and easy and all gone now!

Friday, February 6, 2009

all bottled up

This was just part of what I accomplished Friday, from left to right 1.silver cocktail shaker (a free gift on thursday from my employer! also got some cool bushmills whiskey glasses celebrating their 400th year distilling) 2.stout reused jam jar full of homemade simple syrup (1.5 parts sugar to 1 part water heated on moderate flame until liquid then cooled and bottled-kept in fridge for use in cocktails, tea, coffee, whipped cream and baking) 3. day1 of my homemade vanilla (1 cup vodka, 4 fresh vanilla beans cut into 1.2 inch segments, will be kept in the dark and shaken daily, ready to use in baking in about 3 months I hope) 4. homemade chicken stock - I yielded 13 cups of the yummy goodness from one chicken carcass, skin and some vegi ends.....making risotto with it soon! 5. homemade vegi stock - i yielded 11 cups of this dark stock from 2 weeks of vegi ends, including all 17 onions skins (we eat lots of onions and garlic!), about 4 leek green sections, approx 10 tomato ends and stems (I freeze these since they might mold in the fridge since I only make stock about once a month), lots of other odd bits of vegis- this is the reddest I have ever gotten probably from the tomatoes and yellow onions!) 6. homemade ranch dressing recipe here and last but not least 7. my whey remnants, which got used in the pasta, ranch dressing and mayo today! I have less than a cup left, better make cheese this weekend! lol it was quite a day today....this kitchen was working! I am not sure if I am bottling up my self into compact little parcels, just seem obsessed to do this all NOW......yet I am tired and sore and every pan and funnel in this house has been used today!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

storm coming in

storm coming in I totally feel like crap, last week's back ache to knee ache has mutated into some kind of left calf/ankle is like it radiates down, hopefully out soon! Today's healthy lunch of homemade navy beans with a side of spanish rice has caused hubby and I to be processing too much fiber, not comfy stomach and intestines and we are tired, I was hoping for rain or snow so we could cuddle in bed and hear the rain, but it turned icy cold so we are destined for snow and ice, maybe that is why my aches are manifesting?