Friday, January 7, 2011

fungi fun

I am pining for the soup, the soup I had while dating my husband, from Piper's Patisserie in Truckee, Nevada (no longer in business) was a simple cream of mushroom soup........pure perfection in a cup.......on a frosty afternoon it warmed us and made us salivate for more....we often returned hoping to capture the soup again, but alas no luck
Until tonight.....tonight I made Dorie Greenspan's "Paris Mushroom Soup" from her newest bible of beautifully simple dishes "Around my French Table", It was the recipe I was hoping to try.....and sooo glad it was on the french fridays with dorie January list.......while there is no cream, and it is the exact soup we are trying to duplicate, it is the closest we have come..........ever in trying!
I think when I make it next time I will cream it up and run it through the blender rather than the immersion device i used is good......very good.....and I am sooo glad to learn the simple tricks to exact the power of the mushroom flavor........sorry rules are no sharing the recipe........but there are tricks I had not tried until tonight that Dorie makes seem simple common sense! thank you dorie you continue to teach me so much from afar!