Thursday, April 30, 2009

chem trails

Today is Thursday, I was supposed to work, but got a call before I left not to come in, illness had abounded and the figuring is our 3 year old should avoid it, i was glad for the time at home, had some chorizo I wanted to cook, laundry to do, it was trash day, I took out the last bit of trash and saw the pristine blue sky violated by all these lines, there is no way planes would be flying in such patterns just in normal flight patterns, more or less 10 lines the same age low in altitude and by noon the sun was hidden behind obstructive dense clouds that formed from the center of the sky out, yet along the mountain tops are edges of blue sky, no wind, no storm.....headache here before 9am, i seriously suspect the spraying of heavy metals but why here? or is it everywhere? I am upset, feel like I have no control and wonder what exactly is being put into our air?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tuesday turmoil

A very windy day here, I tend to be more scatter brained and annoyed in windstorms, messes with my ions i ability to focus, trying to plan lunch and dinner, want to make pretzel dogs but fear a muck up or carne asada roll ups, no asada to roll up here, my son is running around calling out his dad's first name and telling me that he has a secret friend coming over for a play date, hmmmm maybe the wind if affecting him too, i just want summer fresh peaches and some ice cream, no peaches until august......but I am dreaming of peaches!

Friday, April 24, 2009

and it snows!

We of course got our son a bike for his birthday, tomorrow.....and here is the snow again! just our luck!

can't sleep

As my son's third birthday nears, I have bits to do for that, but the reality is I keep having bad dreams, some not to be mentioned publicly, and some results of too much reality in my night.....we watched what I call a "fish show" a few nights ago on PBS (sidenote, I tease my husband, a marine biology college grad, that i never knew there were so many fish shows on TV...he gets mad saying they are not all fish shows, not all aquatic life is a fish, some are mammals, blah blah blah (because I cannot remember all the species, familia and technical terms he used, but still he is cute and passionate and makes me laugh to tease him) but we really do watch ALOT of water based lifeform TV in proportion to the little TV we watch) Soooooo this PBS show was studying the effects of human caused depletion of the orca species and the toxins carried in human bodies from farming (both food and fish) the show highlighted the negative effect salmon farming is having on the wild species as well as the overall health of the open takes some ungodly amount of "wild protein from the ocean" say 1 kilo to produce 1 less than a kilo of farmed tasteless salmon that has thus depleted the food from other species diets while being converted into a product sold as salmon across the world that is not nearly as health beneficial to human consumption as the wild ones were.....long story short we are spending more to make less, sounds like the american way! Then they did some blood analysis of the fishy researchers and discovered the mtbe and other toxin ratios amongst the 5 vastly different diet and lifestyle non-scientific known human specimens......and reality the 4 year old had off the chart levels, and his vegetarian mom was the next highest........what does this tell us about our food supply? She was watching labels, buying good stuff and yet he and she were the most exposed via their environment and food.......some exposure is obviously not food related but she was in tears as was I, watching my almost 3 year old, thinking I am protecting him, how we are ok since we have an older home, old carpet, no new paint etc.....less exposure than the new cookie cutter homes with all their granite and berber, i watch labels, and yet i let him play outside in what i thought was a safe environment then i read about chem trails and see them in our sky above, thinking all those planes were related to our angora fire restoration, surveyance, google maps and normal traffic, when in reality we hear planes EVERY DAY over our house and 2 years ago, it was a rareity to hear a plane once a week! and now I am stupified at what I can do to protect my son from the effects of all this toxicity!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

farm stand

I miss the local farmer's market, it does not start here until may, but on our trip to southern california we were lucky to catch this farm stand open on easter sunday farm stand I bought some seedlings to plant at home, tomatoes, peppers and basil.....strawberries that are so sweet and yummy, tender green beans that are all eaten and the best I have had in years, ok decades, onions, honey, oranges and avocadoes....decadent small haas that I love, and so does my son! Why does it seem to make me happier when I am buying the produce directly from the farmer? no middle man, no market wrapping it in plastic or trucking it across the ocean , I have been in some supermarkets of late (Ralphs in southern California and Save-mart in Carson City, Nevada) that made my cringe to see their produce section, all with labels proclaiming the origin of some far off country, produce that actually looked sickly and shrively and just did not make it into my shopping cart, I was on a quest for sweet potatoes 2 weeks ago, where did I find local healthy looking garnet skinned gems? COSTCO, I bought the box, baked 2 the next day and they were I am making some into a dinner side dish with onions from the mission hills farm above :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it is snowing again....

We got back from our spontaneous trip to southern california on monday in the snow, it snowed yesterday and is now snowing again, albeit litely, we enjoyed the sun and sound of the waves at the beach south of point magu along the pacific coast hwy 101, had a leisurely drive through oxnard and back into the san fernando valley and had a birthday dinner for a friend at Bob's Big boy where they were filming some background for the show dancing with the stars.....such a day, full of unplanned surprise, classic bob's food and a vanilla coke worth the whole drive! Of course amid this was an overly tired toddler, who combined his chocolate shake with his 6 year old friend's sprite on the table like a chemistry experiment....chocolate all over his sleeves and face, he loved playing the kid in a pack of kids.....seemed to never give out in the energy department, and then at the same time seemed happy to be home, the only child amongst a myriad of toys he does not have to share......i look over the photos as i upload them and some came out quite well, surprisingly to me, so here are a few!