Friday, April 24, 2009

can't sleep

As my son's third birthday nears, I have bits to do for that, but the reality is I keep having bad dreams, some not to be mentioned publicly, and some results of too much reality in my night.....we watched what I call a "fish show" a few nights ago on PBS (sidenote, I tease my husband, a marine biology college grad, that i never knew there were so many fish shows on TV...he gets mad saying they are not all fish shows, not all aquatic life is a fish, some are mammals, blah blah blah (because I cannot remember all the species, familia and technical terms he used, but still he is cute and passionate and makes me laugh to tease him) but we really do watch ALOT of water based lifeform TV in proportion to the little TV we watch) Soooooo this PBS show was studying the effects of human caused depletion of the orca species and the toxins carried in human bodies from farming (both food and fish) the show highlighted the negative effect salmon farming is having on the wild species as well as the overall health of the open takes some ungodly amount of "wild protein from the ocean" say 1 kilo to produce 1 less than a kilo of farmed tasteless salmon that has thus depleted the food from other species diets while being converted into a product sold as salmon across the world that is not nearly as health beneficial to human consumption as the wild ones were.....long story short we are spending more to make less, sounds like the american way! Then they did some blood analysis of the fishy researchers and discovered the mtbe and other toxin ratios amongst the 5 vastly different diet and lifestyle non-scientific known human specimens......and reality the 4 year old had off the chart levels, and his vegetarian mom was the next highest........what does this tell us about our food supply? She was watching labels, buying good stuff and yet he and she were the most exposed via their environment and food.......some exposure is obviously not food related but she was in tears as was I, watching my almost 3 year old, thinking I am protecting him, how we are ok since we have an older home, old carpet, no new paint etc.....less exposure than the new cookie cutter homes with all their granite and berber, i watch labels, and yet i let him play outside in what i thought was a safe environment then i read about chem trails and see them in our sky above, thinking all those planes were related to our angora fire restoration, surveyance, google maps and normal traffic, when in reality we hear planes EVERY DAY over our house and 2 years ago, it was a rareity to hear a plane once a week! and now I am stupified at what I can do to protect my son from the effects of all this toxicity!

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