Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it is snowing again....

We got back from our spontaneous trip to southern california on monday in the snow, it snowed yesterday and is now snowing again, albeit litely, we enjoyed the sun and sound of the waves at the beach south of point magu along the pacific coast hwy 101, had a leisurely drive through oxnard and back into the san fernando valley and had a birthday dinner for a friend at Bob's Big boy where they were filming some background for the show dancing with the stars.....such a day, full of unplanned surprise, classic bob's food and a vanilla coke worth the whole drive! Of course amid this was an overly tired toddler, who combined his chocolate shake with his 6 year old friend's sprite on the table like a chemistry experiment....chocolate all over his sleeves and face, he loved playing the kid in a pack of kids.....seemed to never give out in the energy department, and then at the same time seemed happy to be home, the only child amongst a myriad of toys he does not have to share......i look over the photos as i upload them and some came out quite well, surprisingly to me, so here are a few!

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