Monday, September 29, 2008

potatoes......wet, cooling and fried

ok, this is really an excuse to play with the camera my fil gave me, picture on the left is the boiling spuds with settings in aperture, then the draining cooling potatoes are similar settings in the p mode, and finally frying potatoes at the bottom with higher action in the s mode....ok hungry again!

who knew it could do that?

My son was given this great lap desk, customized for him by a crafty uppercase living rep friend, and today i spied him doing not crayon drawings or letters to his fans, but driving it as if it were a car, and then lounging in it like it was a couch.... why do we buy him toys, he has more fun using non-toys in toylike ways it seems!!!! And not to be outdone, yesterday at work he performed imagination in a box....he said he was driving the tractor trailer and in his trailer were toys, when I tried to give him his drink, he requested i hand it through the window.......he is a crack UP! He had toys to play with and preferred to pretend to drive the truck, complete with sounds and steering movements!!! Later he used it to hide in and make a treehouse, no pic of that!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

this means my son is a genius , RIGHT?????

My son is not a great eater, never has been, we spend more time cleaning the high chair than he spends eating in it.......for whatever reason, his preemieness, small stomach, gag reflex, gas issues, the planets not being aligned........he does not eat things all other children on this planet beg for......mac n cheese, fries, popsicles.....he does eat with some zeal, diced tomatoes, avocadoes, strawberries, cheese, so with shock and absolute delight we are suddenly watching this miniature toddler pick up a half of a sandwich and bite it, this photo shows all he had eaten of a peanut butter and strawberry slices sandwich, when he decided his lego skills could be used to plant the pretzels in this nice sticky base.......he later picked the remains of the sandwich up by the pretzel sticks and ate a few bites more.......I am so proud of him ...the next day he ate the better part of a cheeseburger without throwing it up! OMG meat intake, we were sure he was never going to eat meat! tonight he took his sandwich apart and ate the spinach leaves, then the leaves of mortadella, he said they were leaves so i let him think that, then he ate the leaves of cheese, no bread taken in tonight, but the bulk of almost 1/2 a sandwich guts were eaten leaf by leaf, then he begged for pickles and ate two spears, so cute he eats them like a watermelon slice! I was shocked when he asked me for a grilled cheese sandwich this week, at like 3pm, he never asks for food, we just plop him in the high chair for 3 meals and 2 snacks a day and watch him throw most food at the dog to eat! we try to engage him to talk about food, help me prepare meals, shop for food, he just never seemed to have any appetite, but now he is beginning to show signs of wanting to eat, HOORAY! here is hoping we are on our way to breaking that elusive 23 pound mark!!! (he is 2 1/2 years old wearing 12month clothes!)