Monday, September 29, 2008

who knew it could do that?

My son was given this great lap desk, customized for him by a crafty uppercase living rep friend, and today i spied him doing not crayon drawings or letters to his fans, but driving it as if it were a car, and then lounging in it like it was a couch.... why do we buy him toys, he has more fun using non-toys in toylike ways it seems!!!! And not to be outdone, yesterday at work he performed imagination in a box....he said he was driving the tractor trailer and in his trailer were toys, when I tried to give him his drink, he requested i hand it through the window.......he is a crack UP! He had toys to play with and preferred to pretend to drive the truck, complete with sounds and steering movements!!! Later he used it to hide in and make a treehouse, no pic of that!

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