Sunday, March 29, 2009


For whatever reason we spent most of last 10 days without bread in the house, just how it happened, not sure, I could have made bread, but did not, just was not inspired, then friday I bought some truckee sourdough and this morning had toast with gina marie cream cheese, I am just so in love with the cream cheese but the bread was so good for me that missed it all week! we had tortillas, burritos, tacos, pasta, we are not avoiding carbs it just was an odd time, the only grocery store I went to was costco and I do not normally buy bread there, so I did not, then realized I was missing bread but never went out for it, just tried to make do, which made our pantry lighter for the use of the tortillas, pasta, rice, but still shocked how good toast can be! the gina marie cream cheese is made by sierra nevada cheese co, and has only 3 ingredients, milk, salt and cheese culture, it is just the best! (local and good) double blessing there!

Friday, March 27, 2009


It has been a whole week of bad moods, crazy cold mornings, barking dog, boy that says NO way too much, and the whole clinching my jaw at night while I sleep has me waking with weird ear and tooth pains, like I am locking my jaw then digging my teeth into the opposing gum line, listening to the dog snore on the loveseat, hubby and son are fast asleep and I am unable to sleep, worried about my jaw, the squirrels stalking my plants, the new composter attracting the bears, every noise it just setting me on edge, just typing to hear a non-bear noise! Have had no passion for cooking this week, just happenstance this or that, pasta with leftover spinach, turkey tacos, refused to go to the market to get the odds and ends we need, although I do miss bread and english muffins, just have to make it! My seedlings are everywhere, using the stove lights to shine on them at night, trying to stengthen their roots, I felt so bad at how many I injured in the transplanting today, the carrots seemed so fragile, the tomatoes were the heartiest, but I worry and wonder if I will ever get anything edible, I am out of potting soil and black gold, so have to get that this weekend because by monday I will have more babies to transplant, I have the big beverage tubs from our son's welcome home bbq to use and some more milk gallon jugs, the costco ones work great when turned on their side and cut, less dirt height and more surface area to plant! I need to get some photos of them!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

sanity may be close

No sleep for us last night, every hour had the boy up either falling out of his bed, screaming for us, crying, just when hubby would fall back asleep the dog would bark or boy would scream, every hour, the bears have come out of hibernation and the dog is snarling alot, I have new pains where I did not know I had muscles or bones that could hurt lol...but not funny my highlight this am homemade vanilla scented half and half in some lifeboat hot tea with sugar....ahhh...made corned beef hash and egg english muffins, hubby liked them and his coffee, i prefer the tea...need more now! saw a great retweet on twitter to win a free vita mix by entering this contest on the GIANTEMPANADA blog.. I sure could use a vitamix!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

so, today finds me in another bad mood, just annoyed with it all, dropping things left and right, a dog that pees on everything, could be that i need to eat, not sure what that might be, tea for sure, hate these dark mornings, miss the sun, sick of grinding my teeth, feeling my nose congested, itchy scalp, sick of clouds, sick of snow, sick of spiders, sick of stinky stuff, where is my I AM HAPPY for a cupcake day? have to find the thing to be thankful for is st patrick's day, i started the corned beef, might make bread and butter pudding but just am not in a cheerful gleeful mood, last year we were in the dc area at this time, visiting friends and family enjoying new sights, great food and getting lost every time we drove anywhere........those stately home tours and fabulous Lincoln Summer Home tour seem such a distant memory, I will never forget seeing my son hold the same handrail that President Lincoln used...that will be forever burned in my mind, thankful for him walking and talking and amazing me every day with some new tidbit!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

march moon

I really like this shot, mesmerized by it actually, the glow of the break in the trees, the green spot, the overall impression is the claddagh.........the heart brightest, the crown and band more foggy....I think she is trying to remind me to cherish what I have, that grateful for something every day, hard to do when I am in a bad mood....seems like all the time, just grumpy and quick to yell, wishing I could regain some calm in my mood! another bad shot by me, but the green refracted light made me think of st patricks day, you know, that US holiday where americans use it as an excuse to drink green beer and eat corned beef, the one thing no true irish born person ever ate at home! the overall impression of the moon through the trees with the green at the bottom kind of looks like a clover, but is it 4 leaved? what do you think? happy st patrick's day, the day we all pretend to be irish and I at least always wish the wind to be at your back and the slope to be easy on your knees as you wander the path with the sun on your face! actually the more I look at this it looks like a claddagh

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my snow helper!

Who knew a kid could love snow soooo much? he begs to shovel, then play on the slide after his "work" as he calls it is done! He also told me he wanted to sleep in a sleeping bag outside with a pillow for his nap, so darn cute....but i hauled him in the house after about 3 hours outside in two bursts, the first had to have a hat and shirt change since he face planted in the snow and got snow on his face, head and arms.....thank goodness for the waterproof snow overalls, they kept him warm and these lace up boots stayed on!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dalmation Cookies

Dalmation Cookies, originally uploaded by mtkatiecakes.

i have to make these soon, these are not mine, but i am posting them here so I remember to make them!!!! recipe global gourmet and culinary concoctions by peabody