Friday, March 27, 2009


It has been a whole week of bad moods, crazy cold mornings, barking dog, boy that says NO way too much, and the whole clinching my jaw at night while I sleep has me waking with weird ear and tooth pains, like I am locking my jaw then digging my teeth into the opposing gum line, listening to the dog snore on the loveseat, hubby and son are fast asleep and I am unable to sleep, worried about my jaw, the squirrels stalking my plants, the new composter attracting the bears, every noise it just setting me on edge, just typing to hear a non-bear noise! Have had no passion for cooking this week, just happenstance this or that, pasta with leftover spinach, turkey tacos, refused to go to the market to get the odds and ends we need, although I do miss bread and english muffins, just have to make it! My seedlings are everywhere, using the stove lights to shine on them at night, trying to stengthen their roots, I felt so bad at how many I injured in the transplanting today, the carrots seemed so fragile, the tomatoes were the heartiest, but I worry and wonder if I will ever get anything edible, I am out of potting soil and black gold, so have to get that this weekend because by monday I will have more babies to transplant, I have the big beverage tubs from our son's welcome home bbq to use and some more milk gallon jugs, the costco ones work great when turned on their side and cut, less dirt height and more surface area to plant! I need to get some photos of them!

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