Saturday, March 21, 2009

sanity may be close

No sleep for us last night, every hour had the boy up either falling out of his bed, screaming for us, crying, just when hubby would fall back asleep the dog would bark or boy would scream, every hour, the bears have come out of hibernation and the dog is snarling alot, I have new pains where I did not know I had muscles or bones that could hurt lol...but not funny my highlight this am homemade vanilla scented half and half in some lifeboat hot tea with sugar....ahhh...made corned beef hash and egg english muffins, hubby liked them and his coffee, i prefer the tea...need more now! saw a great retweet on twitter to win a free vita mix by entering this contest on the GIANTEMPANADA blog.. I sure could use a vitamix!

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