Thursday, March 12, 2009

march moon

I really like this shot, mesmerized by it actually, the glow of the break in the trees, the green spot, the overall impression is the claddagh.........the heart brightest, the crown and band more foggy....I think she is trying to remind me to cherish what I have, that grateful for something every day, hard to do when I am in a bad mood....seems like all the time, just grumpy and quick to yell, wishing I could regain some calm in my mood! another bad shot by me, but the green refracted light made me think of st patricks day, you know, that US holiday where americans use it as an excuse to drink green beer and eat corned beef, the one thing no true irish born person ever ate at home! the overall impression of the moon through the trees with the green at the bottom kind of looks like a clover, but is it 4 leaved? what do you think? happy st patrick's day, the day we all pretend to be irish and I at least always wish the wind to be at your back and the slope to be easy on your knees as you wander the path with the sun on your face! actually the more I look at this it looks like a claddagh

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Kalee said...

Hello. I check in to view the Slow Year flicker group occasionally and saw your dilemma with the pie crust. I have a buttery flaky one that I use for everything from quiche to sweet pies. And I am known for both of those things, even my mom admits I make a great pie crust. I can e-mail you the recipe if you would like.