Thursday, April 30, 2009

chem trails

Today is Thursday, I was supposed to work, but got a call before I left not to come in, illness had abounded and the figuring is our 3 year old should avoid it, i was glad for the time at home, had some chorizo I wanted to cook, laundry to do, it was trash day, I took out the last bit of trash and saw the pristine blue sky violated by all these lines, there is no way planes would be flying in such patterns just in normal flight patterns, more or less 10 lines the same age low in altitude and by noon the sun was hidden behind obstructive dense clouds that formed from the center of the sky out, yet along the mountain tops are edges of blue sky, no wind, no storm.....headache here before 9am, i seriously suspect the spraying of heavy metals but why here? or is it everywhere? I am upset, feel like I have no control and wonder what exactly is being put into our air?


Travis, Family Resources (is a link) said...

Google MMS by Jim Humble or copy and paste;

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Also see my other page;

Prepare your heart for the universe is preparing to go through a major change, and in this change there will be much heartache for those who do not understand the cycles.

Michelle said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to visit your blog & say thanks for all the kind words over at my little corner of cyberspace:-) I'm still pretty new at this, and it's such a lovely treat when people stop by & say hi.

Off to peruse your blog now :-)