Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Farmer's Market finds me giddy!

The Farmers Market was FABULOUS today
tomatoes, berry bush, red onions with tops, baquette, rainer cherries, spinach, honey tangerines, salsa, nettles, peaches and eggs all found their way home with me!


apples for poppy anne said...

Thank you for your comment and sharing...also thank you for participating in it begins with a colour!
great blog!

gennysent said...

Hi! I got your message thru Flickr and added your photo comparison to the "Vintage Vignettes" sidebar on my blog. Thanks for participating and feel free to do so again! It is amazing how much alike the photos of you and your son are - it is also amazing how, between 40 years, genes seem to come so much into play.

We are neighbors! I see you live at Tahoe (where, ironically, my hubby is visiting this week!)


tara said...

good grief, i need to head back to the west coast. i'm not kidding.