Thursday, January 14, 2010

odd dreams

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I have been having horrid sleep lately, up every 40 minutes coughing or having knife like pains for the past couple nights, i sleep better before 11pm and then after 11pm I am literally up and down until i give up and just get out of bed permanently

Last night in my last stretch of sleep between 5:29 am and 6am I had a vivid dream that I was assisting in some kind of high school setting , and had prepared at home some steamed vegetables and my job was to get 4 or 5 kids, specific kids, to come and eat a cup of steamed vegetables before or after their was a failure of a task, I only ever got one kid to even take a cup of the healthy as I was packing up to leave this school, a school I had never been to before, I ventured into the cafeteria, which was more like a series of concession stands selling items grouped by type of food, there was a fruit stand, a cracker stand and a beverage stand that i remember vividly, having a sore throat I wanted a slurpee, they had cherry or coke flavors and they cost $ 1.05 each for a very large container......the attendant refused to sell it to me, saying it was a waste of calories, and she showed me the cup and right on the cup was printed in large font, 7,000 calories.........I was indignant, i had a sore throat and i wanted it regardless.....she refused still to do it, but said if I put my money on the counter I could dispense it myself....which i did and left, vowing to never go there again.......

my big lesson in waking was, hey if we really want to educate people about food choices, why not put the calories, food content, nutritional value right there on the container in bigger font size than the logo......and the answer as to why we do not, it does not help sell more product, an uneducated consumer is a better customer and money maker to the manufacturer than a fully aware consumer......and the truth is, if I wanted a slurpee, i would still get one even knowing it was 7000 calories, not every day granted, but there are some times that the icy crystals are the only thing that cools off a hot or sore throat.......why do i have such dreams?

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