Saturday, January 30, 2010

the moon, mars and lyrics

We have the tradition of chasing the full moon with a camera and trying to capture her in all her glory, this end of January full moon is the brightest and closest to earth all year and coupled with a sighting of mars seems extra special to me.
We got some good shots, hubby took the best ones, this one is mine taken above the frozen, snow covered sawmill pond, with the the tree tops illuminated
My favorite memory of last nights moon chase was the munchkin singing in the backseat, he makes up songs quite often, and was whining to go home and see the dog, so his song was "Home, Home, Homey, Home, Home....I want to go home....we love our house, it is made of wood, we love wood, it comes from trees" all sung to the home on the range melody in a toddler sort of way.....singing away, loudly in the carseat while lobbying for his desire to go home in melody and song!


family is first said...

it's certainly a lot better than screaming!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Email me :0) you won a giveaway!