Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Bill Moyers is right! so much of what he says makes me nod my head in agreement and as he says it is never "too late" we have so much to learn from our let's begin with this word......the word that seems to keep us with blinders on, seeing only our past glories, let us see the world for all she can teach us, the health care systems of holland, france, germany, the IMSS of Mexico! or as it is really spelled "ethnocentric", it has become what I hear in my head when many of the political talkers catch my ear....i hear this low hum....hum hum hum "eth-no-sin-trick" like a low lull trying to remind me where they are coming from, and it scares me how many people en masse seem to clap step behind the patriotic visions of flags waving and picket fenced homes, we often have the media off but lately with weather and world tragedy we have been watching a bit more, I honestly have fear for our country, fear that the current young generations are being promised higher education, or rather any education, and it seems to be non-existent and more expensive by the day.....pricing of public universities out of the budgets of working class families will lead to more death of the middle class, we seem destined for the wealthy to be elected to govern the serfs, with home ownership diminishing and foreclosures mounting, it seems the rich get richer. In light of the power of large corporations to rule, health care, pharmaceuticals, crop diversity, natural resource diversity, this ruling sent chills up my spine ...the supreme court overturned the ban on corporations purchasing advertising for political does that not lead to more politicians being beholden to the giant purse strings that be, or in reality is that not how it is now, and why the ruling was overturned, the corporations can now use the media to tell voters how to think, paint the american flag on King George and I bet in today's environment we would VOTE to re join the British Empire.....we seem herded, like sheep, and the pasture is not greener I fear the word has become part of the American mantra....we know seems at least we should, having been founded by our forefathers, common, farmers, who considered political office a public service, not a career. ethnocentrism definition

eth·no·cen·trism (et̸h′nō sentriz′əm, -nə-)


the belief that one's own ethnic group, nation, or culture is superior

Etymology: ethno- + centr(o)- + -ism from yourdictionary online

from wiki "coined by William G. Sumner, upon observing the tendency for people to differentiate between the ingroup and others. He described it as often leading to pride, vanity, beliefs of one's own group's superiority, and contempt of outsiders.[2]"

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