Friday, August 7, 2009

my local source

I love our local south lake tahoe farmer's market, as I have mentioned in previous posts...and older posts....out of town farm a matter of fact I started my blog with a farmer's market makes me favorite farmer had beets this week, the sweetest most perfect small beets with perfectly sweet tops.......biodynamic farming....I am thrilled with the grapes being available again, pesticide free and a toddler favorite from the booth that sells organic raisins, nuts, peaches and tomatoes....I have been buying his tomatoes since the first week of this year's market, he has had greenhouse grown tomatoes since MAY....yummy and perfect both raw or cooked in tomato goodness! I was happy to get some onions, eggplant and peppers from the market and made ratatouille this week twice! I also bought a crusty loaf of bread and drooled at the pot pies and pastries! Great photo pool of tots @ the farmer's market, and a giveaway here


colleen/foodietots said...

Ooh, sounds like a great market! We have one farmer here who grows grapes but we only get them a couple weeks out of the year.

Thanks for entering the Foodie Tots @ the market contest!

Anonymous said...
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