Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Farmers Market Tuesday

With the day off from work today, I headed off to our local small town farmers market. A stroller makes a great shopping cart for these outdoor events! My son loves to see people and from the germ safe haven of his stroller he smiled and stole many hearts!!! I was excited to see a tortilla vendor that sells my current favorite mini corn tortillas, branded abuelitas, I got some that were made this am!!! The peaches were sooo good, those grocery store peaches just have no flavor. My current lack of spark in the kitchen might be rejuvenated with the basil, long beans and yellow squash I picked up......my last attempt at pesto was with cilantro, and while good, i prefered the spinach pesto with almonds, so now to try the more traditional basil based version!!! The sun was warm today and it felt like summer, the last few weeks have felt fallish, beautiful blue skies, windows down and a breeze helped my mommy trapped mood! Of course a great glass of iced tea did not hurt either......got some great bialy bagels and smothered them with cream cheese for our lunch.....of course we had some peaches too!!!! I am still searching for the perfect halloween costume for my son and just seem destined for a cute yellow duck unless i can find that unique screams his personality item! While my son naps, I intended to blog....and our dog decided to nap with him......too cute! But she is now licking his feet and waking him up.....not cute...he needs a LONG nap today!!!

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