Saturday, September 15, 2007


soooooo with some work, read effort, we have managed to get our son to sleep in his crib part of the week for naps and nighttime sleep....never our desire to have him in our bed but he developed the skill, read controlling behavior, at 8 months of sticking his hand down his throat to throw up so that we could not leave him in his crib.....having to change the sheets, clean up and change his clothes, while this was being done we would let him lay in our bed for the diaper change and "down" time while the bedding was being changed....of course it took enough time that he fell asleep in our bed, ohhh so cute and after the turmoil we would let him finish the night out in our bed.....well this puke fest suddenly began happening earlier and in any circumstance that he disliked, the playpen while mom took out the trash.......the car when he wanted to play with the dog in the house........the swing when mom needed to shower..........the floor if dad tried to make coffee while not giving him enough seemed to become the hand in mouth gag horrid noise and if we got to him soon enough circumvent liquid mess 24 hour a day show! While we tried various methods to change the behavior nothing worked....the crib became an island on which if he even put one toe he would scream and gag until we removed him..........still we have to put him in while he is asleep but since he is finally eating enough to stay asleep more than 2 hours....we can actually leave him in the crib asleep.......last nite 6 hours!!!!! (NOTE: smart hubby ordered a bear box thousand dollar unit to be installed in our driveway last week, they never showed........since the bears need 23,000 calories a day this time of year they are relentless, entering homes to get food...they took out our front yard birdfeeder 2 weeks ago, now i am afraid to fill the one in the back yard) UNTIL at 4am the bears came to dine on our trash...waking the loud dog we love who barked and barked waking the boy we love....who wanted to play feeling refreshed having slept for 6 hours!!!! we wanted more sleep , tried giving him a bottle, he took 3 oz....yeah lots!!! he still wanted to play, but then gurgled and puked all of it all over our bed , sheets, matress pad, floor and pillow cases.......lots!!! so laundry at 5 am....2 loads!!!! still no sleep for the little we got up did the coffee , oatmeal, toast routine with crazy playing boy........knowing we were doomed for the day!!! Thankfully about 11am he relents into a forced nap...we all nap, including the dog on our bed....we awake to wet sheets, bottom sheets.....the dog has wet the bed, comforter, top sheet, bottom sheet and mattress pad......3 loads of spare mattess pad to make the bed, our 1st puked on one is on the outdoor line to sun dry.....not dry yet, at 7pm......hmmm shoulda bought another one today!!! My husband thinks he needs to work more to be able to rest, since home seems more work than work! We escape the house and head for the laundry free zone of the playground.......meant for bigger kids but we can watch them play, use the baby slide and swing, a few hours in the shady sunlit forest, crawling through bark and grass and pine needles......and all i notice is the younger babies walking on their own and get convinced that even though i know he will walk when he is ready to........i must be doing something wrong as a sahm full time caregiver to this miracle tiny tot......he was slow to sit up, slow to crawl, although he did roll everywhere early, he communicates some wants early but the walking just is a visual evidence of my failing!! Having been trying to eat healthier, vegis, fish, no meat, lots of fruit whole grains, legumes, we relent and have mcdonalds tonight for dinner, and hubby is convinced he is gonna puke.....feels dizzy and hot........ugh no more PUKE!!!


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