Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 2008

Ok Ok OK I know.....long time no post, suffice to say I have been busy doing other things, mundane life things! For example I spent most of last week cooking these gourmet meals for the family and of course neglected to take one picture, bad chef! All were well received but left me utterly burned out and leg sore from all the standing, mixing, cooking, chopping , cleaning dishes jaunt! I cooked lunch and dinner and breakfast on saturday so i reckon that was 13 meals, hot, semi complicated meals and then lost my desire yesterday, made hubby a cold pastrami sandwich for lunch and then begged him to take me to dinner....we went out and had yummy cheese enchilada's for cinco de mayo! so I must get back on the gourmet gambit......making lime custard pie for dessert tonight, making it now to chill, and bbq corn and burgers for dinner, macaroni salad and turkey roll ups for lunch.......not the most adventurous but more effort than left over pulled pork! We have had some great strawberries and corn already this season......asparagus has been hit and miss...I cannot wait for the farmer's market to start up again!

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