Friday, August 7, 2009


I think part of the reason I loved the book Farm City was that Novella Carpenter's passion is evident every word you read you can hear her breathing with passion the air of the east bay and today when the happy coincidence of hearing that she was being interviewed on KQED made me find the link and listen to the streaming audio on the laptop while I processed 3 bunches of beets and watched the toddler while doing 2 loads of was a GREAT interview, her diction and cadence perfectly beautiful in words and passion, the passion I have for eating yummy food and photographing it all needs to hear that my small world which collided with Flickr and the inspiration that is TheseDaysinFrenchLife led me to read the book written by the sister of Garlic Breath and that is a good thing!
Here is hoping I get some passion injection from seeing Julie&Julia tomorrow.....if that book was made into a movie, I totally think Farm City would make a great movie since her characters are so well drawn and from real life as well!

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