Tuesday, August 4, 2009

shadow and light

I felt fine yesterday, bright, energy laden, and then today a dead battery....just no energy, somehow when hubby got sick I seem to have gotten it back......I love this photo with the playing munchkin and the shadows and bright sun...taken in emeryville at the city hall....yesterday this 3 year old and I dug up part of the front yard.....where nothing ever grows, not even weeds or clover......i dug some of the most concrete like earth i have ever seen.......we pulled up tree roots and then mixed a whole 20 pound bag of soil ammendment into the remaining broken up dirt.....we watered it heavily, stomped in the mud, made sure the dirt was draining and holding water rather than acting like concrete and just sheeting it off.....then we planted marigolds and sunflower seeds.......no photos, just 2 messy and sweaty gardeners that came back in the house for showers........now, today, I marvel that i did it, since my energy has vanished I just fear i have the cold again.........here is hoping the light returns and i am back to myself soon!


Michelle said...

Wishing you wonderful energy :-)

And I love the shadowy photo!!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Wishing you energy too... Wish I had some to send you but I feel like a wet rag.

If you find any send some my way!