Friday, November 21, 2008

santa sighting

An early santa arrival, gorgeous santa and mrs claus were in reno, nevada on the night we met gramma for her birthday dinner, so we stopped by to say HI and see the fireworks, both scared my son to the point of clinging to me during the fireworks, hiding his head under his hood then I wanted a picture of him with santa, so gramma got to hold the clinging little boy while he screamed and squirmed away from the strange man in the red robe, santa tried to discuss toys and trucks and mrs claus gave him candy, all to no avail, I found it quite appropriate that santa was seated in front of an ATM machine and while taking this and several other bad pictures of my son with santa I missed the chocolate bar distributing hot cocoa via a back pack spicot, it was cool tried to get a picture of it but failed there too!

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