Friday, November 7, 2008

just beachy sandwiches!

I failed to get photographs of the sandwiches we brought home from Beach Hut Deli the other night after work, but they were very BIG and full of local ingredients with enough creativity to make you rethink the word "Sandwich" here is a link to the menu offerings We will be trying to duplicate some of the interesting mixes at home, and will go and eat there sometime when we need a beach fix, the inside was very surfer dud cool, loud reggae music playing, surf boards for booth tables, lots of big screen tvs, 6 beers on tap, a pool table and some video games....kind of like the pizza places of my youth with sandwiches instead of pies, there were some other patrons eating and this one sandwich was either meatball or bbq just yummy smelling and super messy but i would try that in house, not something to take home.........the inside was very clean, the area of sandwich making looked highly effecient and the beer on tap kegs were cooled in the same cooler that i saaw huge boxes of tomatoes and sodas in, i liked the simple streamlined idea, conserved cords and unfortunately they do have a pepsi fountain, so my tea wishes will have to supplemented by the starbucks 2 doors away!

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