Friday, November 28, 2008

the no spend weekend

We are bucking the trend, no purchases to be made between wednesday the night before thanksgiving and the monday after thanksgiving.......i refuse to participate in the madness of black friday, rather prefer to plan and spend my money when i see fit, not in a reaction to some hocker's ads for a sale to beat all sales, it just is stupid, the amount of ads and special sections of the paper that marks us as a consumer of corporate driven desires......just wish our laptop was working, we are avoiding the apple store for the repair since it is our spend nothing weekend....happy thanksgiving and enjoy your family and friends rather than marking the holiday with the excuse to open your wallets for stuff to wrap to give to people that don't need it next month!

1 comment:

Alyss said...

Amen! I'm spending no money on Christmas this year* and had a blast not shopping this weekend. Yipee for bucking the capitalist system ;)
*Some exclusions apply, my man-friend helped make all my homemade gifts so I've got something else in mind for him :)