Friday, November 7, 2008

olives, green please!

I love olives, always have preferred the green variety, not a fan of pimientos, granted I buy black olives and eat them too. Last week when making tamales, I needed to buy some olives, we were out had been for awhile, my normal selection of mezzetta garlic olives was not on the shelf at the market, so I saw some green medium olives in cans on the bottom shelf, there was even a store brand version, but the name brand version was on sale and cheaper, so i got one can, pitted medium Lindsay green ripe olives for $ 1.25 for the whole dr wt 6oz can(170g) the can was similar to all the other labels, until I put it in my cart, making sure that this can was lindsay from California, and yep product of USA Corning, CA to be precise.....then I noticed the ingredients, ripe olive, water and sea salt.....that is it, hmmm I thought these have no crap in them, they are local and cheap, they will be fine for tamales, but never thought twice about how they would taste, right out of the morning, pop the top drain them in a strainer and tasted one, OMG they are perfect in buttery and smooth, they are the best tasting olive I have ever had, and they are already pitted, i admit to eating a few more but most of the can went into the trip to grocery store, the shelf was empty :( sad me! then yesterday, there they were on the bottom shelf, not on sale, but still not as expensive as my normal garlic olives, so i bought 3 cans ($2.50 a can this time).....this morning I was craving them, opened the can and proceeded to eat all but 2 on can mention that they may not be the prettiest olives sometimes a dark spot here or there, they were even better than I remembered! Warning, if you like green olives buy extra since they will vanish before you know it! I try to avoid canned goods, but this is local and I am making an exception and next time they are on sale I am buying every can I see!

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