Saturday, November 15, 2008

my oven runneth over

I was a crazed cooking machine on Friday, I had intentions of making a pot of beans, cornbread and crash hot potatoes, kind of a once a week normal lunch around here, but with the holidays coming up, I wanted to test a few gingerbread recipes as before noon I had made 2 loaves of gingerbread, pot of beans(from dried), homemade cornbread in an iron skillet, roasted crash hot potatoes and brussel sprouts while feeding a toddler 2 mini meals, one of yogurt, blueberries and homemade granola, the other of mini tangerines, grapes and I also changed two beds of linens, washed all of them, hung them out on the line to dry, sunny here had to take advantage of it, and did one load of regular laundry, lucky me though hubby came home for lunch and decided to take the rest of the afternoon off so we could enjoy the lovely sunny day together, the testing of gingerbread was cut short, i had one more recipe i was wanting to try. The first gingerbread was Laura Ingall's recipe from Little House on the Prarie fame, primay ingredient molasses, I did her recipe with eggs, although she did it without with just as much success and her daughter liked it iced with chocolate frosting, no frosting here, the second recipe I did was orange extract infused, no eggs, no molasses, I used ginger juice rather than ground ginger from a jar......i preferred the latter , hubby preferred the first, I need to do the buttermilk recipe just to get a feel for how i can concoct the perfect gingerbread for our altitude and tastebuds, a friend joked with me hey they sell a mix in a box that is pretty good, lol, my current passion is from scratch everything, so I know what it in my food and there is no process or oil or gas going into transporting my pre-portioned chemical confection in a hermetically sealed carboard printed package with plastic guts that spill altered dust into a bowl into which i simply add oil,water,eggs,milk, butter some little bit of "normal" food and whammo I get instant dough..........I would rather just go to the local bakery, not the chain store one, the locally owned hands worked the dough, french owners that speak with such a heavy accent I struggle to understand, and spend the 12 bucks they would charge for a loaf of gingerbread, they are very very expensive! But first I will try to make my own!

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