Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday cook fest

Whatever got into me , it is a good thing that my last batch of corn is now cooked, cooled and de-cobbed in the freezer, no more green husks getting drier by the day in the fridge! I roasted 3 squash and crash hotted 8 red potatoes while baking 2 sweet and one russet that were on the end of fresh, everything is done and all i need to finish is decided what to combine for dinner and washing up the dishes......I also made this quickie chocolate milk recipe from the pioneer woman....link at left, 1 cup of whipping cream and 4oz of semi sweet chocolate melted together on the stove and then bottled for the fridge and added to plain milk as desire for chocolate milk mounts, my son woke up this morning begging for it, have no clue why we very rarely make chocolate milk, he must have dremt about it! Tomorrow is tamale wednesday, will post recipe and pictures if they turn out! hoping they are not another flop from my skills!

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