Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Facts Tag

My life in Germany: Random Facts Meme lets see if i did this correctly....hmmm I wanted to link to her blog since I am doing her 6 things about me.......and I am supposed to tag people, I have no clue how to do that either, so here stands my reply Here are six random facts about me:
  1. 1) My mom lied about my age to get me into kindergarten earlier, partly to save on day care costs, partly to get me in school, the cutoff month was october and my birthday is in January, so for the first few years of school I thought my birthday was in October......created havoc later since I was not driving until my senior year of high school and not allowed to do much outside of the house until I was issues!
  2. 2) I have a strong and abiding fear of monkeys, from that wizard of oz flying monkeys scene, I had horrid nightmares after seeing it, had to be sent to therapy in like 2nd grade from night terrors, still have bad nightmares and try to avoid all monkeys to this day!
  3. 3) I have a horrid temper, I blame hormones, but I seem to snap with fire breathing out of my mouth when perturbed in a certain poor family! hubby asked me a simple question last week and I about exploded that the smell of his chips were going to make me puke!
  4. 4) It drives me crazy when my son puts food in his open cup and or his hand, it also drives me crazy to step on toys in the dark of night that have been left out, but the first sends me screaming into his face, trying to get him to understand that the drink is not to be messed with!
  5. 5) My skin is scaly like a snake from the dry lack of humidity air, I hate the feel of lotion, so I am shriveling too fast!
  6. 6) I drive too fast, have traffic tickets to prove it.

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