Saturday, October 11, 2008

a full week of bears

We had heard about the mama bear that birthed two cubs on our street this year, my hubby had seen them one day on the way to work going through a neighbor's trash....with smallish schoolkids walking to school right past them, frightening! Then coming home last night we saw people on a deck oogling something, and I knew "BEAR" sighting, so I asked hubby to turn down the street, not ours, about two blocks north of ours, and there was the mama and her two adorable cubs making dinner of trash bags full, which is odd, since this was the day after trash with the salmon eating bear last sunday and these three and the stock market being a bear, it is a week of bears, now as I type this I hear the sounds outside that might lead to the dog barking that signals BEAR, and now i have the fear in me of having to rush to close the dog door and keep our dog in, bear out, it just never ends!

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