Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You know you are in trouble whennnnn...........

Having perused the menu for going on 2 months and hoping that our trip to the bay area would include a brunch at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe, I was overjoyed when it was suggested we meet up with hubby's friends on sunday morning at said location!!!! I knew the menu, had a clue as to the atmosphere and arrived hungry! Let me say right now, that it is Wednesday after the said Sunday and I am still thinking about the great food and trying to figure out how any subsequent trips could include a stop in emeryville....hmmm headed to disneyland, can we find a shortcut through emeryville? LOL So our largish group was seated in the back room and I horrifyingly had a prime view of the monkey paintings on the wall.....the sea monkey room....i have that fear of monkeys thanks to the wizard of oz and the flying version that haunted my preteen sleep for years.....i avoid them at all costs and here i was about to eat food while staring at some, but guess what the food was good enough to almost make me forget monkey images were present at the tasting! I knew i was ordering the rude and reckless and wanted em to have his new fave french toast, so i got to taste that also......very very YUMMY, our server was great, company sublime and I just wish i lived closer!

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