Wednesday, July 30, 2008

of farm stands and veggies and berries all in a row!

I am already wondering how i will survive winter and the lack of farmer's market tuesdays, this week yielded such a bounty of goodness I am beside myself with excitement.....miniature heirloom tomatoes, curly leaf lettuce picked that morning, orange mint, strawberries that are small and so sweet you just drool to see them, I remember growing them as a kid in so cal and just never letting them get bigger than a golf ball, and here i get to buy the same small sweet natural ones, so unlike those horrid monsters that the chain stores sell, the big as your fist strawberry with no flavor is not my idea of a fruit you eat! ok i also splurged and got some cranberry walnut bread from the grateful bread company of yummy! not cheap but good as a treat once in a while! I got some elberta peaches, freestone! and yummy and still firm, not lasting long in this house! 2 bunches of orange beets and one of small carrots, you know the ones that grow in the ground and have green leafy tops on them, not those plastic bagged orange chips some machine churns out in the dark.........carrots with dirt on them, you know earth, dirt, water, sun and seed can equal food in some parts of the world! I am only disappointed by the blackberries i bought from placerville, they just are so tart and flavorless.....not ripe yet i suspect! Cannot wait until next tuesday to see what the stalls hold for me!

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