Monday, February 7, 2011

my current obsession

the NFL draft....specifically......the post collegiate career of our local Universtiy of Nevada, Reno college graduate Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.......every day I read the latest polls and re-watched the thursday practice session of the senior bowl in Mobile, Alabama today.......super impressed at the composure and arm of the kid........oh please let him get drafted where he prefers to go...(granted Green Bay may not be looking for a QB)....and in the first round......ahead of Cam Newton please!
Kaepernick's life story is worthy of a book and movie ....and he is just 23!!! Following his post collegiate career seems easy, he will be at the NFL Combine from the end of February to the beginning of March, all televised on the NFL well as being on the ESPN tv show Sports Science, scheduled to air February 20th, just in time to show scouts the physical gifts of their prospective draftees! fingers crossed we can see him playing on a team soon!


Packfan7 said...

If you are interested, Kaepernick's sister-in-law writes a blog too.

If you look around some of her old posts you'll see stuff from time to time with Colin.

Packfan7 said...
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