Wednesday, February 2, 2011

of food, brands and saving the world

It seems I read EVERYDAY about some new join in campaign to save the planet by buying some corporate owned logo clad product........ever read the containers of products for all the cross marketing ploys? GIMMICK
I think they totally are trying to help make you feel better about your purchase by saying 1/1000th of a penny is going to some form of disease research or reforestation of the planet.........if they cared SOOOOO much they would not be a for profit corporation........they make money and could more than afford to support the charity of their desire, but in reality the charity of their desire is their own pockets and finding markets of consumers to attain as customers.
the media is reporting many mega agriculture related political chess games where the only loser seems to be us, the planet, the pawn.........the truly limited resource!
I tend to purchase whole foods and when they are packaged, yogurt, milk, flour, I opt for the unheralded ingredients, less than 3 items........and usually as local as I can find..........I buy grains, ground and whole when we travel that are local to our vacation and then for the most part scoop from the bulk bins at the co-op or local market...........yes I know most of the bins are bob's red mill goods.......and that is as close to home for flour or grains I can find here.......while it is nice to feel your purchase enables research or relief, the reality seems to be less philanthropic than advertised

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