Friday, December 11, 2009

Food as Art

I have been attempting to clear out the freezer and cupboards, too much going into a season that needs some room to store food, granted I canned lots this year but it needs to be eaten to be of value!
Why wait for the power outtage to clear it out? let's make room for the buche de noel and roast chestnuts I have in the offing!
Today for lunch I made this recipe from the pioneer woman! A perfectly crusted pork tenderloin with a cranberry onion glaze, I served it with some leftover gratin potatoes and fresh apple slices.
YUM perfectly tender and nice crust with some sour chutney......i think it looks beautiful on the plate!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by and discovering my oops. Spell check can do only so much... then it falls back to the idiot pressing the keys.

The pork tenderloin looks great! It's one of my favorite meats to cook because they are always tender.

angela@spinachtiger said...

That looks like a great dinner. I so want to make my first buche de noel.

Kiva @ Farmstead Lady said...

Looks yummy!