Friday, May 22, 2009


I have some favorite breads, anything from Boudin, truckee sourdough country walnut loaf, bouchon's brioche, pioneer sourdough sliced deli loaf, bialy bagels from I&joy bagels, pumpernickle from western in my attempts at bread making I have had meager highlight being the pretzel rolls, most recently made into hot dog buns.....i attempted the rustic walnut loaf and it was a disaster to clean up as I overfilled the food processor, who thinks it is a good idea to make bread in that thing? not me! but i did it again, ugh with leaking yeast laden warm water running down the counter, I prayed the dough would double, it did, and the resulting baked bread is a bit wonder white smushy, but great a day old and toasted! next time I am using sourdough starter and wheat flour.....but it is at leat edible and great for a pb&j, which is what i ate for dinner last night on my own rustic walnut loaf!


Vonlipi said...

Baking is hard! It takes a lot of trials and errors....I know! regularly I bake some bread, some turns out ok, some so-so. But the important thing is to keep on trying! :)

tracy said...

oooooh, pretzel rolls! they are so good!!!


Michelle said...

Great photos!! I LOVE fresh baked bread, it has been way too long since I've made any around here...thanks for the inspiration :-)