Friday, December 26, 2008

where did the time go?

It is so hard to believe this is my son's 3rd Christmas, he is such a toddler, no more baby :( , has to "do it all by myself" as he likes to say.....this is the first gift giving experience where he actually opened gifts himself and went from zero to overload in about 1 gift, when we told him he needed to stop playing with it to open the next gift he had a tantrum, we had to hide the item from him and then he kept asking for it, it was a tool kit, and he is obsessed with tools and how things work, so we also did not start with the right gift, he has had two bad nights of sleep, not that any are great, but christmas eve he slept a broken 6 hours and then christmas night was a broken 3 hours....culminating with a bath at 5am after vomiting and then he was up playing and vomiting until 10am when he napped for about 3 hours, just now got him to fall asleep and i looked at him sleeping with naked feet, because he is hot, no temp , just bodily warm to the touch, his feet are HUGE they look like little boy feet gone are those baby feet, where did they go? how does it happen so fast you just turn around and suddenly they are almost 3 years old and slowly needing you less each day....i miss the baby and watch in wonder as this little boy shows us the man he is becoming.

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Alice said...

I too, have been looking at Bubba Joe's feet lately. They really are less baby-like and more like a big boy. And since I cut his hair just before Christmas, wow! No more hair cuts for my little man! I want my baby back!!!