Friday, December 5, 2008

eating pecans at 4am

what is wrong with me? I slept precisely 7 hours and 6 minutes, cannot sleep, just tossing and turning and uninspired to make the christmas cards that i try to send by the 10th of december, i even had my son color the background paper, but no themes are coming no sentiments to share, just a big blank! I was craving strawberries, out of season, so i mixed some strawberry preserves into some plain yogurt and after eating about 8 ounces was still hungry saw the jar of pecans in the fridge and ate about 3 handfuls, and i still feel hungry! I decided to clean the stove in hopes of my cooking adventure today, it makes it easier to have an empty sink and clean stove like a new pallate that i will mess up soon enough! thankfully boys still asleep, i miss our dog, she went to the grandparents for a visit, they decided to keep her an extra night, she would be up with me laying on my feet while i type. It is now 530 am and i am on my second cup of tea, thinking i might just send photo cards, but cannot even fill out the greeting in the online card customizer, ugh but i do want to make ginger ale/beer today my bug is ready to go! and cornbread and beans, but i did not soak them overnight, will try the quick soak cook method......and i am craving lemon cream pie, so i will attempt some kind of lemon curd from the lemons i have and hope it is enough for a pie.....and am also craving delco cookies or rugalah or whatever that fab kosher bakery called them, the cream cheese based cookie/pastry wrapped around a fruity filling.....every time i make them i eat more dough raw than i eat cooked......but they make nice fancy presents, who do i want to give some to though? me me me!

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