Friday, August 1, 2008

of work and baths and hot summer days!

Here are some great shots of em at work with mom, he is such a helper! has to have a tool in his hand and on this particular day, I let him sit on the floor and stamp with some rubber stamps and he was in heaven, no nap on a long hot day at work=1st time bath in the shop sink, while not the cleanest of sinks, all that em needed was some water a few cars and he was in heaven.....he was soooo hot the water cooled him off and in the process we removed some of his grime acquired from the tools and shop floor. It had the added bonus of being the first time his gramma jeri got to bathe him, albeit not a hair washing kind of bath, but still she enjoyed it i think! Yes in one picture he is drinking on the job! that was when i thought i might get him to nap, no such luck, too warm and too much going on for him to close his eyes and dream......we came home very tired and he begged to go to bed at 7pm!

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