Wednesday, May 26, 2010

friends have names

sooo, I have been neglecting any posts, to be honest I upload photos daily to flickr and tend to get lots of verbiage in there but this is supposed to be my blog about the big noticings.
One such big noticing was that we had our first teacher conference for our 4 year old and it went great, he is bright and cheerful and seems to excel at socializing, what surprised me most was that he is one of the kids that greets all the other kids with "hi" every morning followed by their name, I had no clue he was using their names, since at home he always says he does not know the names of his friends......well this past tuesday morning I had some the parking lot as we walked towards the preschool he asked me if one of his friends would be there today and he said her name, and just as he said her name the window of an suv rolled down and a shout was heard "HI Emerson" to which he replied "HI" followed by her name...he was all smiles, we literally walked 3 steps and another large SUV window rolled down as the vehicle was moving and we heard "HI emerson" from a which emerson replied "HI" and the boy's name
On this cold tuesday morning, I had witnessed the evolution of our social butterfly, he now has his friendly nature coupled with the permanence of names and friends at school, he had always used the teacher's names correctly, but this was the first I had seen on his naming his friends.....of course he had told his grandparents that he had a girlfriend and her name.....but I just thought that was random luck that he remembered a name!

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