Friday, February 19, 2010

another bragging mom

Can I brag a minute? or 8 or 35999 hours?
I rarely am not proud of our son, but today we had a great behavior day, it started at the library with story time for preschoolers, where he answered the first question asked today with "it is something that you pretend to do and play" when the teacher asked if anyone knew what the word imagination was.....granted he did not raise his hand but he followed this up with raising his hand for every question and when called on to explain what the man was doing in the picture with the dumb bells he replied "exercise is good for your whole body and mind" like some fitness trainer! he offered to help find some lost items and then was so involved with raising his hand, other moms actually asked me how old he was......he seemed like some little scholar......
then we were off to the birthday party and he ATE HIS LUNCH, sandwiches, vegetables and fruit, of course he ate the icing off of the cupcake, but i never gave him the chips or m & ms and he handed me the cake part of the cupcake.....which i ate, YUM! I kept his party favors out of sight until he ate and tried to keep them hidden until we got home......lots of swag and he is blowing bubbles as i type! he just said he wanted to blow a big enough bubble for us to float away hubby got home and he said the bubble he blew between us meant we loved each sweet


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

That is adorable! Moments like that are just so....I don't know, sweet. Precious. Memorable :)

I'm glad you shared that, it reminds me of the ones I had


s said...

awww..such a sweet post!