Friday, January 16, 2009

I made cheese!

I have wanted to try making cheese and yogurt for a few years and today I did it, first try, no rennet, just lemon juice and a great recipe from "these days in french life" link at left......1 liter of milk yielded 1 cup of ricotta.......I messed up the recipe because I had a toddler under foot and was distracted, but I found a way to make it work and it did! I was so excited, made calzones with it tonight, then made my hubby make cheese after dinner, and his flopped, no curds at all, so we are trying to salvage this liter by reheating it longer......wonder if my original misstep made it work, if so, maybe our altitude is playing havoc with the recipe derived at sea level! anyway I am so thrilled it worked the first time I am going to make it work again and again and again....yummy and fun! this weekend if our travels lead to reno we are finding cultures so I can made cheddar and jack!

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Jenna said...

i soooo want to start making cheese. the book animal vegetable miracle was my inspriation. glad you gave it a whirl. maybe next time i see organic on sale bec. it's about to expire i'll grab a gallon and make cheese. ha!

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